Giving back - peace and love and glassblowing


You are welcome to watch anytime we are glassblowing. The center hall in the building has a lovely viewing area with seating and a large window to watch art being created. Watching is always free! If you want to bring a group to watch, let us know ahead of time and we can put out extra seating.

There is usually glassblowing happening from 11-7 Tuesday to Saturday. You can enjoy a cup of tea from Experience Tea or an Italian Soda or Latte from Yum-e Yogurt while you watch.


Special rates for scouts and educational groups

At Art by Fire, we believe in giving back. Girl Scout groups, Boy Scout groups, exchange student groups or other children's educational groups get $5 off per person on any ornament/float making party. Any of these groups with 20 or more people get a discount of $10 per person.


Groups we work with

All of us at Art by Fire are proud to partner with Friends for Life in their fight against childhood cancer..

Groups we donate to

Art by Fire donates frequently to local children and community causes. If you'd like us to donate to your cause, please visit us in our gallery to discuss.