I am inspired by myth and nature, and the dance of cultures as icons and totems change like seasons of opinion. In a landscape of Ideas and Dreams, Art is a journey of seeking, always seeking.

glass hummingbirds


On my eleventh birthday, I rode the Bubbleator (a futuristic 44' wide plexiglass half-sphere elevator, complete with operator/docent) twice, then went exploring to find the machinery below, which turned out to be locked away from young explorers. However, next to the elevator housing, I discovered a traditional, carnival style lampworker, making unicorns, wizards, dragons and ships. For the next seven years every trip I made to the Seattle Center I would watch as long as I could, watching the fire.

Later, while stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Miss. I took a private lampworking class from Justin Foote, owner of Mink Cage Glass. He was cheerful, professional and a wonerful, if exacting teacher.

After completing my time with the Air Force, I worked at various glass art positions with Kusak Cut Glass Works, Ornamental Blown Glass, The Glass Eye, Glass Planet, Pratt Fine Arts, Uptown Glass / Renton Technical College, Spin Design Glass/Metals, Blowing Sands and teaching Metals and Jewelry Smithing at North Seattle Community College.